Sometimes, we just get stuck... don't we?

In our relationships, our career, or in the pursuit of our wider life goals, we hit a dead end.

We feel that life is happening to us, instead of for us.

We could be facing a difficult decision or navigating a big life change.

And we don't know which way to go, or what to do next...

That's where I come in. Let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Matthew...

I'm a single dad from the North East of England, and a personal development and wellbeing coach. I help people get unstuck.

But more than that, I help people to turn their struggles into REAL POSITIVE CHANGE.

People like you.

Your life is your story, and wherever you are in your story, the next chapters are yet to be written.

Just think about that!

The power to shape your story, to write your best chapters, lies within YOU.

YOU decide what happens next.

And I can help you!

I will help you to know...

Where you are

  • Get clear about where you are in your life right now
  • Identify and accept the challenges you are facing.

Where you're going

  • Create an inspiring vision for who you want to be, where you want to be and what you want to achieve
  • Identify the stumbling blocks holding you back.

How you'll get there

  • Face your fears and create positive action
  • Determine your goals and step forward with confidence.

I believe we're capable of far more than we think we are.

So many dreams are left on the pillow. I can help you bring your dreams to life.

Fear of failure, fear of what others might think, fear that we aren't good enough or deserving enough... have any of these ever held you back from what you REALLY want?

If you're like most people, the answer is yes. But they don't have to stop you.

Instead of waking you from your dreams, let them be the fire that fuels them.

Making a difference

As head of coaching for a major national governing body of sport I worked with many, many coaches to help them and the countless individuals they worked with to achieve their goals.

I have been invited to speak at universities, colleges, schools, workplaces and in the media, on areas including resilience, positive change, improving confidence, and overcoming divorce and mental health problems.

I have worked in local communities helping individuals find opportunities to improve their wellbeing, changing their lives for the better.

I have inspired many thousands of people as a writer, and I’m the bestselling author of 'Something Changed: Stumbling Through Divorce, Dating and Depression'.

Arrange a free informal chat with me, via Zoom or phone; I look forward to talking to you about how I can help.

"I feel motivated and inspired to be better."

"A wealth of experience and expertise."

"Thought-provoking questions and insights. Amazing!"

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